IAAO | El Instituto Argentino de la Aorta es el Referente en Argentina para las Campañas de Disección Aórtica

El Instituto Argentino de la Aorta es el Referente en Argentina para las Campañas de Disección Aórtica

El Instituto Argentino de la Aorta es el Referente en Argentina para las Campañas de Disección Aórtica

Posted by iaaousuario in Novedades 04 Mar 2018

El día 19 de Setiembre es el Día Mundial de Concientización sobre la Disección Aórtica. En Argentina, nuestro Centro es el Referente para las Campañas. Todo aquel Hospital, Centro Médico o Agrupación Médica que quiera participar de esta Campaña, por favor, comunicarse con nosotros a fin de proveerles del material para dicha Jornada.

“National Patron for Aortic Dissection Awareness Day – September 19 – for life as national patron in Argentina in South America is Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery, Dr Marcelo Cerezo, in the Medicine School in La Plata National University in Argentina. Professor Cerezo is a legend in his own lifetime within aortic and vascular surgery and has done a great many amazing things for developing and sharing knowledge in treatments of aortic diseases in South America.

A few notes on Professor Cerezo is that he is Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery, in the Medicine School in La Plata National University in Argentina, professor of vascular surgery in the Nueva Granada Military University, Bogotá, Columbia and also professor of Vascular Surgery in the Antioquia University, Medellin in Columbia.

Professor Cerezo has participated in numerous medical conferences and written numerous scientific papers on aortic disease and treatments over the years, he wrote many books on aortic surgery, arranged 24 annual Courses for surgeons on “Endovascular Treatment of Aortic and Ilíac Diseases” and is honorary member of vascular and cardiothoracic societies in countries like Peru, Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina.

You can read more about Dr Marcelo Cerezo on the page of “El Instituto Argentino de la Aorta” where he also is Director:


or in the Argentinian group of IAAO :


From this day onwards, Prof Marcelo Cerezo will be the person to have authority over “Aortic Dissection Awareness Day – September 19” in Argentina, and his decisions and thoughts about activities in Argentina for September 19 – is the ones valid for all our movement in Argentina.

What does this mean? If a hospital in Argentina wishes to run an activity for September 19 in the future, and would like to talk about engagement from our global movement, such as support in sharing news about the event etc, or having access to our material, they should talk to Professor Cerezo. He “is” our movement in Argentina from this day onwards and for the rest of his life.

During 2018, we continue appointing National Patrons – for their lifetime – for our global movement for Aortic Dissection Awareness Day – September 19.

The movement has grown from zero in a bit over three years, to a massive movement reaching hundreds of thousands of people every month. Events for September 19 and Aortic Dissection Awareness Day 2018 are also starting to be planned in many countries, on many continents on our planet.

We are a movement that has no formal organisation, it costs nothing to be part of our movement, and you need not to register to take part. But we have a lot of resources helping people to create aortic disease awareness nationally in their countries. This material has been produced pro-bono and donated to our movement – with the basis that we are a money free movement – that sells no stuff, charges no money, and do not ask people to give money to us. We include people who are rich and poor, of all religions, languages and political beliefs.

With a growing movement we need to promote progress by finding ways to keep up momentum on national level. This we will do by appointing patrons for more countries with massive or growing activity. These appointments are for life. We will not do these without a lot of consideration, and knowing the person appointed share our core values, also seeing their commitment and work for a global cause, also outside their own country. An also the ability to do things not for personal gain, but to help others.

We have so far appointed only seven (7) people to patrons of our movement for their lifetime, to the seven (7) countries they live in.

– Argentina (Prof Marcelo Cerezo, Vascular Surgeon)
– Bangladesh (Dr Faizus Sazzad, Cardiac Surgeon)
– France (Ms Célia Lambert-Alcantara, Patient Advocate)
– Germany (Mrs Regina Kohrt, Patient Advocate)
– Italy (Mrs Shahrezade Miceli, Patient Advocate)
– Sweden (Mr Goran Hassel, Patient Advocate)
– United Kingdom (Mr Dan Burgess, Patient Advocate)

All seven are people who are very active in the global movement, and all seven have built national movements for aortic disease awareness, where they include patients and doctors when they share information for the benefit of all their fellow countrymen and women, no matter if they are rich or poor, or what religion or political beliefs they have. And this is the core of our global movement. We think that every life is worth the same, where ever it is on planet earth. It could be you or me who read this. And if our movement can save one life, all our actions and efforts are used in a good way.

Thank You dear Professor Marcelo Cerezo for all you have done and are doing for all of us with aortic diseases, you are an inspiration for many people, in Argentina, South America and the whole world.

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